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Occupational Bible Studies 




As part of your church’s larger strategy for saturating a geographical area with the Gospel, we encourage members to consider sharing God’s Word at work. The people we work alongside of may be eager for someone to “jump inside the chariot” with them to explain the true message of Jesus. These folks may also be surprised to find out that God’s Word has something to say about their occupations and the unique work they do. 


We suggest a timely sermon(s) from your pastor about the opportunities we have to share the Gospel at work. Challenge members to take part in a five-week class which will equip them to view their work as an opportunity to be a witness (a Philip) for the Gospel. The five lessons in this manual could also be used as part of a weekend retreat. 


After participants finish this five-week course on discipleship, they should download an on-line occupational Bible study from Reaching America Ministries. The current list of occupational Bible studies can be found under the Occupational Bible Study resource page in the bookstore. 

Pastor Terry Slachter

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