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How It Works
  •  Place a display of 5 (needs-based) booklets in high-traffic areas around your neighborhood.​

  •  Each 40-page booklet explains the Bible’s explanation of man’s fallen condition and the reasons why we live with fear, guilt, loneliness, and hopelessness today. Using portions of God’s Word, the reader discovers God’s plan of salvation and the way to be free from a life filled with fear, guilt, loneliness, hopelessness, and anxiety.

  • At the end of each booklet, there is a postage-paid response card for the reader to request the next little booklet called Guide to Happiness. Response cards are returned to the churches for personal follow-up.

  • Each “Freedom from Kit” contains a display box, 96 booklets, and 5 Guide to Happiness follow-up booklets. Mail or hand-deliver the Guide to Happiness to the person or family who requested it. Begin a personal relationship with that person and offer to study the booklet with them.

  • Place these displays in strategic areas such as:


►Food pantries/distribution locations
►Grocery stores
►Thrift stores
►Christian businesses
►Beauty salons
►Movie theaters
►Sports complex
►Auto repair shops
►Dentist office
►Coffee shops​

  • To order your free kit(s)​:                                                              ►Email us at:                                           We will send your kit out free of charge. We will also regularly keep in contact with you should you need to order additional booklets.

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