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The book of Revelation is the “Magna Carta” of the Christian life according to author John DeVries. “We are taken by the elevator of the Holy Spirit up into heaven itself and there through seven windows are allowed to look down upon this earth, and how fitting in these last days in which we live that we might have the opportunity to climb with John in the Spirit and look down on earth from heaven’s perspective.” 

The Seven Windows of Revelation

  • “John DeVries has a unique ability to make the Scriptures easy to under-stand and applicable for daily life. His extraordinary gift of synthesiz-ing the message of the Bible shines through here in the book of Revela-tion—a book of the Bible so often misunderstood and so underutilized as a source of encouragement.” - Terry Slachter, Executive Director of Reaching America Ministries 

  • 115 pages

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